Cineplex Studios forms New Alliance

Image4On January 5th, 2013, Cineplex Studios formed a new alliance with New Era Global, a non-profit foundation dedicated to providing a practical hands on learning and working environment that is free to the public.  Holly Anderson, our new host for the New Media Reporter interviews John Paul Castillo, one of the founders of this organization.  You can see the entire episode of The New Media Reporter along with the interview here.

New Era Global is a Non-Profit Organization devoted to providing individuals access to our unique CREATIVE FACILITIES in order to help them follow AND fulfill their creative dreams through Music Production & Live Music Performance, Film Production, Graphic Arts, Digital & Social Media, Photography, Promotions and much more. N.E.G. offers opportunities for all people with an interest in the Creative Arts and a desire to explore the limitless possibilities of their various talents. With the help of our volunteer network and donations received from people like yourself, our organization is able to help neighborhoods and communities throughout the globe access our unique New Era Global Creative Centers.

New Era Global doesn’t waste anytime assembling a team of independent contractors that will work for IntelAdvertising with a training class that starts on Monday.  They are also in the works putting together a new media show that will be played on and possibly air on KVMD TV.

Cineplex Studios and New Era Global have common ideals and philosophies when it comes to the entertainment industry and we feel that this is a good fit for both organizations and we compliment each other well.  This is a huge opportunity for people who are wanting advance your career in music, television, film, photography, graphic arts or any other artistic industry.   We look forward to working closely with New Era Global for years to come.

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