Cineplex Studios and IntelAdvertising

CEO/Founder Fred Copeland, Partner/Co-Owner/President Marie Lynn with Legal Adviser Ken Kaplan

Cineplex Studios begins 2012 on the right foot with it’s first meeting last month where there was standing room only as we took a break in the middle of filming to hold a management meeting.  Soon after the meeting, IntelAdvertising was announced, providing permanent employment to people wanting to be a part of the industry.  This is a very good way for individuals to learn the business side and the knowledge they have already started to gain can only benefit them in the  future, as more employment possibilities with IntelAdvertising  and Cineplex Studios in different positions become available.

In our first round of hiring, we have brought on board and trained about a dozen people to date.  We are also expanding our advertising region to include San Francisco and Sacramento.  Other possible regions are also under consideration.

IntelAdvertising rapid growth has already translated into the first commercial airing for one of our new clients on Time Warner cable TV here in Los Angeles starting next week.  For more information about IntelAdvertising and how to advertise your production on cable TV, check out our web site at

IntelAdvertising  “Intelligent Advertising for Intelligent people”.

Look for video blogs to be posted in the near future on Inside Cineplex Studios blog page, featuring Cineplex Studios President and the star of Circle of Influence, Marie Lynn and other cast members of the Circle of Influence web series.


One thought on “Cineplex Studios and IntelAdvertising

  1. Hi Mary-lynn, Fred and Ken,

    All the best to Cineplex Studios and Intel Advertising. If by any chance you need script writing for your studio on an idea for a series, let me know. I’d like to tackle a pilot and if it suits you, then we’d be in business for a series of continuing episodes. If you want me to come up with an idea just give in what genre you’d be inclined to accept. Thank You.


    Claude Gagné

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