New Media Acting Spotlight on Savannah Ostler

Savannah Ostler as Kimberly Moore

Savannah Ostler will be playing the role of Kimberly Moore in the new trilogy series, ‘Forever Destiny‘.  This story takes place before the birth of her daughter, Destiny and the Journeys, as Kimberly Moore is studying to become a scientist.  We will get some new insights into the Kimberly character, as she deals with the moral and ethical issues of what she is attempting to do, before the Egyptian experiment went so wrong.

Here is the bio on Savannah to get to know her background before you see her in, ‘Forever Destiny’.

I have always known how to make a dramatic entrance even before I was born. I came into the world making my presence known 13 days late. Not wanting to compete with Jesus and his special day, I arrived December 26th…And of course not wanting to be “normal” and common, I decided to enter via Caesarian, purely for the dramatic appeal, of course. My mom was none too pleased, but hey, that’s show business.

As a small child, I always enjoyed the limelight, singing dancing, and to my chagrin, stripping down to my undies for more variety. Yes, there is video, and no, it will not be on You Tube.

I LOVE storytelling and actually become the characters at times. Typically, I had my years of teenage angst, even to the point of deciding to act like and dress like a boy, burping, spitting…you get the idea. Having no idea how to get out of the rut, one April Fool’s day, I dressed like a girly girl, pink blouse, make-up, pretty skirt, the whole works. If you could have seen the look on my friends’ faces! Well, that assured me that I had the talent to be a great actress and put my talents to good use.

I never give up and am dedicated to achieving my goal to become an actress. I try out for every part possible and am super-hard-working.. I always have my eyes on the prize. Nothing will ever stop me. I have always been extremely stubborn. I like to think it as one of my best qualities. J

You might have seen me in High School Musical as the girl in the hat behind Zac Efron on the bus or as the crazy girl in pink dancing in the cafeteria or outside by the cheerleaders. Or perhaps you have seen me waiting tables and barfing in the sequel to Donnie Darko, S: Darko. Or maybe you have even seen me in a few training videos at your workplace. Or maybe you saw me in an independent feature or short film. I assure you, the best is yet to come!

I am extremely driven, ambitious and focused. I am very determined, I never give up! I don’t care how hard it is, or how many odds are against me, I will find a way. Anything dream able is achievable.

I began studying the craft of acting at the age of 14. Each year, I have grown more and more passionate about the art. My amazing teacher, Anne Sward Hansen, has been coaching me every step along the way. Not only has she taught me how to be truthful in my performances, how to really get in the moment, and how to apply my imagination and to my work, she has also taught me how to be a better person.

There you have it, the story of me and what I am all about. If you should need me, I will be in my trailer.  That’s a wrap!

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