New Media Spotlight on ‘In Montauk’

Written by Lynda Clayton

Here is the question that has been confronting or even infuriating talented career women for eons.  What are you going to do about your career now that you’re pregnant?  That frustrating question is hard to hear when you are still stunned that there is a life growing inside you. 

In Montauk’ is an independent feature film about life’s choices.  Choices are easier to make when they are logical.  Most men make just logical choices when it comes to their career.  However, women live through a deluge of emotional choices when faced with a pregnancy in the middle of a successful career.  ‘In Montauk’ is a feature film story that confronts the gender equity challenge of our time.  Viewed through this lens is a new insight — a new dawning of the ethical implications of career versus motherhood.  It shows the emotional perspective of a woman’s decisions.  Pause for a moment and reflect on how many women you have known (including, perhaps yourself) who have faced this challenge.

The lead character, Julie Wagner (Nina Kaczorowski) is a professional photographer and she needs to make this choice. Add to this an emotional decision to have an affair.

The question is: What will she decide?

The answer may surprise you.

This film, ‘In Montauk’, makes us think beyond what will already be assumed.

The intrigue of ‘In Montauk’ and its authentic nature is why people are donating to help its release.  It takes more than just making a great film –it also takes funding to get it properly marketed and out into the public to be seen.  Authenticity is the best predictor of success and I predict this authentic film has the chance to be very successful.  Be a part of knowing you helped get ‘In Montauk’ seen by the millions of people who will empathize with it’s story.

Your tax deductible contribution to the fundraising campaign can be  made through partnered with Fractured Atlas, the fiscal sponsor, so all donations are tax-deductible and there are rewards for contributing through the RocketHub campaign.  The campaign ( ends on January 27, but tax-deductible contributions can be made after that directly through Fractured Atlas (

Fractured Atlas is a 501(c)(3) public charity; all donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. Fr Fractured Atlas.  Help social network this endeavor with your friends on facebook and twitter.

“In Montauk” is an independent feature film, written and directed by award winning writer/director/producer Kim Cummings.

Starring Nina Kaczorowski, Lukas Hassel and George Katt.

Polish-American actress Nina Kaczorowski (pronounced catch-a-row-ski) has successfully combined her classic European looks with her spit-fire personality to land roles in blockbusters such as AUSTIN POWERS: GOLDMEMBER, MINORITY REPORT, and A SIMPLE PLAN. In addition, she has appeared in high profile films such as ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA, TOMCATS, Michael Bay’s TRANSFORMERS as well as many independent features.

Lukas Hassel was born in Denmark and has worked in many theater productions including: A MIDSUMMER NIGHTS DREAM directed by Joe Dowling, MYSTERIES 2000 directed by Michael Scott, DRACULA directed by Gerard Stembridge, and numerous others. For TV and Film, Hassel was one of ten actors on the reality show SOAPSTAR, on SoapNet/ABC and appeared in LAW & ORDER, CI on NBC. He also worked with an icon, Michael York, in Peter Sheridan’s film, BORSTAL BOY, was a supporting lead in the Sundance winning short, MAN ABOUT TOWN and many independent features.

George Katt was born in Astoria, Queens, New York. He is the winner of the “Best Breakthrough Actor Award” at the NY International Independent Film Festival for his starring role in the feature film “VALLEY OF ANGELS”. His versatility has proven much success in the independent film world. George began his career on the NYC stages and has been working consistently ever since in theatre, television and film. He has guest-starred on numerous television shows for CBS, WB, ABC, Comedy Central, A&E & Showtime.

Kim Cummings is the writer/director of the award winning WEEKI WACHEE GIRLS, a 20 minute short, which played in over seventy festivals around the world. It picked up three “Best Of” awards and was a finalist at Taos in 2000. IN MONTAUK is her first feature film.

View a portion of IN MONTAUK here:


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