New Media Acting Spotlight

Welcome to New Media Acting Spotlight.  This new section will highlight actors who have acted or currently acting in new media web series.  The spotlight today is on…

Greer Bishop

Greer Bishop who is currently cast as the character Delsoura in the upcoming sci-fi mini web series Forever Destiny.  You can check out her credits on IMDB.

Here is what people are saying about Greer Bishop.

“I had the fortune of working with Greer on the set of this highly ambitious indie film. Greer’s presence on our set during one of the busiest times of the shoot was refreshing and extremely helpful. She was always asking the right questions, and always stepping in at the perfect moment. She has a ton of knowledge and experience for her age, and combined with her winning attitude, I always had the sense that she will go far in this business, either behind or in front of the camera. Highly recommended.” September 12, 2011

Austin Purnell, Background Casting Director/On-set Tutor, Court 13
managed Greer indirectly at Beasts of the Southern Wild, LLC


“Greer Bishop is an absolutely fantastic actress she fully connects with each role and her professionalism is stellar. I would recommend her highly to other productions, casting directors who want an actress that not only can do the job but do it with professionalism and giving it the best performance possible.” September 5, 2011

Rod Harrell, Chief of Staff/ Executive Vice President of Business Development, Global Pictures Studios LLC
managed Greer at Actor

7 thoughts on “New Media Acting Spotlight

  1. Greer is most desrerving after all the hard work I know she has put forward over the past year it looks like its really paying off ! Many Congrats ! You Rock Greer

  2. Well, Greer, it appears the world is finally deciding that you know who the hell you are!
    About damn time! Hell, anyone that knows you or knows of you could attest to that.
    Congrats on your role, lady, and remember (like an athlete), there’s nothing wrong with
    shooting nothing but 3-pointers all the damn time, or throwing long for a touchdown when
    the ball is in your hand, or knocking one out of the park … or even winning the Kentucky Derby
    every time you mount. That’s just you. Love ya, Ray

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